Goed leven zonder auto

verschijnt binnenkort: “How to Live Well Without Owning a Car: Save Money, Breathe Easier, and Get More Mileage Out of Life” door Chris Balish

Introduction 1Part One: Why You’re Better Off Not Owning a Car 3
1. The Car-Free Way to Financial Freedom 4
2. The True Financial Costs of Owning Your Car 14
3. The Quality of Life Costs of Owning a Car 29
4. The Environmental Costs of Cars 43
5. But Can You Really Live Without a Car? 51
6. From Car-Dependent to Car-Free: My Story 61
7. Okay, But I’m Still Not Ready to Give Up My Car 69

Part Two: Getting to Work Without a Car 75
8. Car-Free Commuting: It’s Easier Than You Think 76
9. Should You Move Closer to Work? 83
10. Mass Transit 90
11. Carpooling and Ridesharing 99
12. Motorcycles and Scooters 105
13. Bicycling 116
14. Walking 134
15. Wardrobe, Appearance, and Grooming 140
16. The Trial Run 144

Part Three: Non-Work Transportation 149
17. General Strategies for Non-Work Transportation 150
18. Make Your Errands Come to You 155
19. The Miracle of Car Sharing 161
20. Rental Car Weekends 167
21. Friends, Relatives, and Coworkers 171
22. Socializing and Dating Without a Car 173
23. Special Situations Require Creativity 185

Part Four: Living Well Without a Car 189
24. Try Going Car-Free for One Week 190
25. Taking the Plunge: Getting Rid of the Car 194
26. The Payoff: A Richer, Healthier, Less Stressed Life 198
27. Giving Back: What to Do With That Extra Time and Money 201
28. Advice for Two- and Three-Car Families 204

Spread the Word 209
Index 210
About the Artists 215
About the Author 216

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